Last Saturday, three-time ASP world champ Tom Curren came from behind in the last minutes to nab the win from Shea Lopez. The waves were becoming continually better and more glassy as the contest headed towards the final. Although the sun never came out, it didn't stop guys like Justin Matteson, Pat O'Connell and Fred Pattachia from shining. While it seemed as though Curren was pushed through the semi finals he turned it on in the final, ending his waves with layback snaps that got everyone clapping. The airshow was weak...mushy windy Lowers is not the best place to find a ramp. Sorry about the lack of updates my dog spilled eggs into my computer and it hasn't been working, but now I'm back....
Quik Pro: 1. Tom Curren 2. Shea Lopez 3. Pat O' 4. Jeff Deffenbaugh
Quik Airhow: 1. Randy Welsh 2. Gavin Sutherland 3. Joe Crimo 4. Dave Post
Jeff Deffenbaugh Jeff Deffenbaugh
Dave Post
Shea Lopez Shea Lopez Tom Curren
Dino Andino Dean Randazzo Travis Mellem
Justin Matteson Jeff Deffenbaugh Dustin Barca
Peter Mel Todd Morcom Justin Matteson