For the second year in a row, the Wave House held it's Beanies and Bikinis festival. Included with the snowboard rail jam and bikini contest was a concert by Valient Thorr and the boys from ShoresCrew slashing and pearling on the flow rider. At the wave house they call the small little bump of a wave the flow rider, and the larger barreling one the "Bruticus Maximus," but here on we'll just call it the flow rider. Ahh...what was the point of that!? It didn't even clear anything up.... You know if you start eating Sweet Salty Nut bars you pretty much won't be able to ever.
You see there's three pictures of three different things?
That's cause like eight things went on this night! Seeing repeated stripper tits counts for like five things alone....ugh!
The first part of the night included a full of snowjam. People fell off and did repeated backside sliders, which apprently are the only things (combined with 270's) that score in rail contests anymore......snowboarding...
Jamie did his usual rediculous turns and flips linking to switch barrels and slashes. Christian Fletcher even showed up and bombed himself into the wave, somehow catching onto Jaime in the barrel and riding him out of it.
Of yeah, I think there was some sort of bikini contest going on. First place was $1,500 and these girls really seemed to put every hip giration towards the win. Not to mention sleazy dances and public flashing and lesbo exhibitionism.
numbers unto numbers
The girl on the right was a professional dancer..........professional
Lugo tried to slide onto Jamie.
While Dr. Gold got tube after slash after tube after slash.
The latina girl of the show only worked in the indoor white balance you can see.
This ass-display was courtesy of the girl from Iceland, who they tried to DQ because of her g-string pullout.
Valient Thorr played and kicked ass on the tiny sand-surrounded stage.
Meanwhile Housenni got all BULA on the wave machine. (good sticker placement btw)
Ahhh yes, well whatever...
Sticky must be the best Valient fan ever! Dr. Strangelove does solos just for Sticky.
When Valient plays you either get your hands full of slippery girls or sticky anger bouncers.
Lugo trying to get tubed and sliding a sort of R-Rated slash.
The girl second from right was the eventual winner.
The girl with her arms up won third place (?) and got like $300. Woo.... Everyone liked her, she looked wholesum.
So then the Valient Thorr show ended and all of Valient tried to charge the wave in their deniem.
Tragic results led to the cancelation of the rest of their tour. Until they got magic medicene from the head of a triceratops.
Mhm, mhm..... the winner of the check and the spoils.
Some more action from the Valient show and the Jacuzzi. Water....Tried.....To............ah whatever...
Jaime loves his one footed backside tubers.
More than drunken hands, those rubbers sure are sticky sons of guns.
Then we have the Christian Fletcher portrait.